Simon Mayeski is a consultant, writer, web developer, computer programmer, environmentalist, activist, trainer, very occasional actor, and speaker.

Simon is a former board member of California Common Cause and recently completed serving as their consultant for planning and coordinating Election Protection activities in San Diego. He is an activist and web consultant at SanDiego350.org, and is active in Getting Money Out of Politics/San Diego, Campaign for Press Reform (CPR San Diego), AB 1648 CA DISCLOSE ACT and MoveToAmend and Amend 2012. He and Jeanne Brown were interviewed by the awesome Walter Davis for his TV show (30 minutes) on Common Cause last year. Simon helped organize and attended the rally against the Koch Brothers weekend plotting session with wealthy business folk and certain Supreme Court members in Rancho Mirage in early 2011. He took some interesting raw video there. Common Cause and community partner Empower San Diego sponsored a meeting on the “Strong Mayor” ballot measure in 2010; here’s a news clip; you’ll see (but not hear) Simon presenting.

Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, and lived in the Bay Area for many years, although he was born in San Diego and attended Saints (St. Augustine High School). He returned to San Diego in 1999. He is a proud member of Writers’ Haven Writers of San Diego, occasional staff member of the Southern California Writers Conference/San Diego, and was formerly a freelance writer for UTSanDiego’s Night and Day. He’s helping select authors with ebooks: converting them, marketing them and getting them proper editing. He is now a regular contributor to IVN.us, formerly Independent Voter Network; recently his Op-Ed on the SANDAG RTP¬†was published, as was his Top Ten 2012 Political Events.

Simon is occasionally asked his opinion on local political issues. He has been a regular attendee at the monthly meetings of the San Diego Ethics Commission and often speaks there as a member of the public – often the only member of the public :) Simon served as campaign treasurer for a SD City Council candidate, the campaign committee was audited by the Ethics Commission and received a “no material findings” report – meaning that the committee “disclosed all contributions received and all expenditures made” and “maintained the necessary documentation” – it “substantially complied with all the disclosure and record-keeping provisions of the San Diego Election Campaign Control Ordinance.”

Simon has recently taken some course work toward a certificate in Data Analysis at UCSD Extension.

When Simon is not otherwise busy, he reads. He likes science fiction. And non-fiction. He portrayed former vice-president Dick Cheney in the music video “Worst Presnadent Ever”.

He does web sites for his friends and non-profits. He created and maintained the DemocracyFest SD 2006 site in Drupal, and recently has built several WordPress sites (SanDiego350.org and MOPSanDiego.com, although he has since turned them over to others to maintain and update, and is working on two more right now.) His last outside computer work was at L-3 Communications; his last 4 and 1/2 years there he designed, created, supported and maintained the online, available-worldwide-7/24 scheduling program for the Navigation, Shiphandling and Seamanship Training (NSST) program. He mostly created web sites, built databases and did some CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) work. Created a MS Office program (using Excel VBA) to automate employee hourly tracking for payroll and trained the user. Installed and maintained the Documentum Content Management System to provide a write-once, use-many solution to handle web and print versions of instructional material for various projects. Created a web version of an Interactive Computer-Based Training (ICBT) program for this product requiring hundreds of pages, using Adobe Dreamweaver. Evaluated, recommended, installed and trained users on a hardware and software solution to remove offices of amazing amounts of paper. Lot of other stuff too. Before that, in Hayward, CA, he was the project lead of the team that built the original MarketWatch.com Web registration, billing and maintenance system, back when nobody was doing web billing. He created Web pages connected to a backend Oracle database and maintained the database.

He is comfortable with social media and is always interested in the next great thing…and maybe he should be working for or with YOU :)